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Principal Message


When I think back, I find the last 26 years in education were destined for me.  As an educator I was apprehensive whether I would be able to do justice to this noble profession that I had chosen.  I was always clear about one thing: Education to me, was the preparedness of a student for life and not just churning out mechanical wizards.  I have played many roles as I walked on the tight rope like a juggler in a circus.  Sometimes I have to be the listener,sometimes the mother pampering her children, sometimes the tough task master and disciplinarian and yet sometimes the friend and role model not only for students but also my teachers.  As the years have passed, my involvement with my profession has given insights inbeing a better learner than a teacher.  Ihave understood the importance my role plays in shaping the future of my students.  I can make their life worthl iving, converting every moment into a fruitful, constructive and successful experience.  As an educator, I try toidentify the potential in every individual child, and like a jeweler give the child the right cut and polish to enhance his value.

Every child is unique, original, rare and a masterpiece.. or Master’s Piece.  So, I have always taken this premise as my prime duty is preserve and strengthen this originality of every child.  We have to make our child strong and capable of facing the harsh realities of life outside the protective walls of the school and home.  We have to nurture his talents, motivate him to his capacity and inculcate values that will hold himin his future life.  Students today have to learn that this LIFE given as a gift by God is beautiful and is to be lived to the fullest.  It is to be cherished and looked after with out heart and soul. It is not to be abused.  There will be ups and downs, but there cannot be a rainbow without both sun and rain.  Students should not fall prey toeasy ways out, like drugs or drinks, which are momentary relievers but lifelong destroyers.  So, we in school try our best to give students a child friendly atmosphere.  We try to strengthen his life skills and make him understand that secret of success lies not only in academic excellence but also in the preparedness in life.

 I strongly believer “How the world sees you, makes a small difference.  How you see yourself makes all the difference.”  Sardar Dastur Hoshang boys’High School, you hold a special place in  my heart and life and wish you grow from strength to strength till eternity.!!

 Prin.Mrs. L. B. Patel

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