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School Uniform

The School endeavors to inculcate habits of cleanliness and neatness.  Parents are therefore, requested to see that their children are always smartly dressed, not only to school but also outside school and at public functions.

 For over more than 90 years, the school adheres to tradition in its school uniform which consists of a white shirt and long blue trouser, belt, white socks and lace-up black leather shoes.  During winter months a Navy-blue Pullover may be worn.  Tie and tie pin is a must.


Shirt : The shirt should be of plain white terrycot material.  The uniform must be according to the pattern specified by the school with half sleeves and a single breast pocket on the left side.  The pocket will have the monogram of the school in navy blue silk in 2” letters.  Shirts that have shoulder flaps, too narrow or too broad collars will not be permitted. A sample is displayed on the notice board.

Trousers :-  Trousers should be of blue terrycot material, not worn lower than the narrowest at the waist.  ‘Drainpipes’ and broad flapping trousers like ‘bell bottom’ are strictly prohibited.  The trousers must not be less than 16” (40 x 1.5 cms.) and not more than 20” (51 cms) at the lowest point; tightly tailored trousers are not permitted.  Legs of trousers must go down straight.  Trousers should have loops and not elastic at the waist.

Socks : Only white nylon socks with navy blue bands are to be worn.

Shoes : Round toe, lace-up black leather shoes only are allowed.  No shoes of any other kind or colour are permissible.  Moccasins or ‘chappals’, pointed shoes or square toed shoes are not allowed.

Pullover : In winter, the boys will wear a plain, navy blue pullover with a V neck and long sleeves.  Pullovers with patterns are not permitted.

For P.T. : The boys will wear a white short half sleeved vest, with the School emblem, blue shorts, white socks with blue bands and blue canvas P.T. shoes.  A sample is displayed on the notice board.

Hair Cut : Hair should be cut short (a crew cut).  Sikh pupils of Stds. IX and X, for the sake of uniformity, are requested to wear navy blue turbans with white under turbans.

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