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Other Facilities

  1. The School has 2 lunch sheds designed to seat 300 students during lunch hours.
  2. 2 Water taps fitted with water purifiers supply pure drinking water during school hours.
  3. 6 Fire extinguishers have been fixed at strategic points all over the school premises to help evacuation in case of emertgencies.  A fire exit has been recently constructed from the main school building 1st floor.
  4. 3 First aid boxes are avail able to provide emergency first-aid in  case of emergencies.
  5. CC TVs have also been installed for security given recent occurrences in Pune.
  6. Sufficient number of toilet blocks which are cleaned 3 times a day to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  7. Students of Stds. V-VIII are being taught Abacus in addition to other subjects so as to improve their concentration, analytical skills and logical thinking.
  8. NCC, MCC, RSP, Social Service form a compulsory part of the Std. VIII  IX & X.
  9. Counseller available once a week.
  10. Health & Hygiene classes for Stds. VIII-X and Diet and Nutrition for classes V-X.
  11. Career Guidance counseling for students of Std. X.
  12. Teachers workshops are conducted regularly.
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