Examination Rules

Parents are hereby informed that as per the new education policy introduced by the Government of Maharashtra, the assessment pattern has changed.  Henceforth two exams will be held i.e. Terminal and Final.


The year’s work is divided into two groups.


1.          Formative

2.         Summative


Formative Consists of   :

a)   Surprise Test

e)   Class Work

f)    Home Work

g)   Daily Observation

h)   Oral work


Formative assessment will be of 70 marks for I/II and 60 marks for III/IV


Summative : Exam will be held twice a year i.e. Terminal and Final. This is divided into two parts oral and written.


Stds. I / II

                        Orals                10 marks

                        Written             20 marks


Stds. III / IV


                        Orals                10 marks

                        Written             30 marks


Grades are applicable in all categories. The gradation system is as follows:

                        A1                   91%------100%

                        A2                   81%------90%

                        B1                   71%------80%

                        B2                   61%------70%

                        C1                   51%------60%

                        C2                   41%------50%

                        D                     33%------40%

                        E1                    21%------32%

                        E2                    Below 20%

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