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Leave of absence

  1. No pupil may remain absent from School without leave and no leave will be granted except  on a written application from Parents/ Guardians and  only for very valid reasons. Such leave must be entered in the Leave & Absence Record in the Calendar and must have been duly signed by the parents as well as the Principal before the leave is taken.
  2. In the case of leave which could not be obtained with prior permission of the Principal, the student on returning to School must produce his/ her parent's explanation of his/ her absence in the Leave & Absence Record in the Calendar. The period of absence necessary for infectious diseases is as follows :-
    •     Chicken Pox – 2 weeks or longer if scabs have not fallen off.   
    •     Measles – 2 weeks  from   onset.                                             
    •     Mumps – 10 days to a fortnight.                    
    •     Whooping Cough – till cough disappears. 
  3. No leave will be granted for religious trips/ functions on School days.
  4. Absence without leave or leaving the school premises without the permission of the Principal for any reason whatsoever, is a grave offence deserving severe punishment at the discretion of the Principal.
  5. Repeated absence renders the student liable to being struck off the Roll.
  6. If a pupil is absent due to illness for more than 2 days, the Principal must be informed at once.
  7. Students are required to attend School on re-opening day after each vacation. Failure to do so may  lead to a fine being levied according to the discretion of the Principal. Non–availability of train reservation will not be accepted as a reason for coming late.
Attendance is compulsory on Independence Day, Republic Day and Maharashtra Day.
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