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7th December 1924 – 26th February 2003

Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar N. K. Dastur was born on 7th December 1924.  He finished his schooling from the Sardar Dastur Schools and went on to complete his graduation from Nowrosji Wadia College.  During his school and college days, he was a keen sportsman and also held the Western Indian Badminton Champion title.
He was appointed High Priest of the Parsees on 24th February, 1949.  At this time, he was also appointed President of the Sardar Dastur Schools’ Trust, an eminent educational institution running three schools and separate hostels for boys and girls, founded by his forefathers.  He also held the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Trustee for several Trusts such as the Sardar Sorabji Ratanji Patel.
He also held the Trusteeship   of Dr. Mody Trust.  He had officiated as the High Priest of Bombay.
During the Indo-Pak war, he had served as Divisional Air Raid Warden.  He has also held the post of Hon. Magistrate.A well known person in the Parsi community with wide philanthropic interests, Sardar Dastur played an important role in the spread and promotion of education.  He was very fond of students and always involved himself in any activity concerning them.He was the motivating and inspiring force to drive us towards excellence.We lost this great soul on 26th February 2003 but we know that his spirit lives on …Today, all four schools and Junior College are doing yeoman service in the field of education, in the English medium group of schools.  They can boast of a strength of 4,600 students, bringing together students of different cultures and backgrounds making them truly cosmopolitan and enabling them to live and work in harmony and understanding and also building their character at the same time. It is only by giving children a comprehensive, sound, thorough and all-round education at the school level that we can plan for a better, healthier and happier society, in later years.  With this aim, the Dastur Schools’ Trust decided to start a Junior College from the academic year 2006 – 2007 A.D.

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