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Examination System

1.    The evaluation system from Class V to VIII is based on grades rather than marks for a more qualitative assessment of abilities through subjective evaluations, rather than through the examination model which is often accused of putting inordinate pressure on students at a young age.


The assessment is done in two categories – Formative evaluation and Summative evaluation.

A)   Formative Evaluation: Students are assessed based on day to day observation, taking into account oral work in classroom, questions, group discussions, personal interviews and general communication skills.  This assessment also includes experiments, projects, informal tests, open book tests, essay writing, report writing and written tests.


B)   Summative Evaluation:  This is conducted at the end of each term.  This includes oral and written examination.  This assessment inculcates life skills, giving thrust to the overall development of a child


2.    Class IX students are assessed through two unit tests one in each term, a terminal exam and final examination.  The average of unit tests, terminal and final examination is considered for promotion of a student to class tenth.


3.     The standard X students are evaluated through a unit test, terminal examination and a preliminary examination so that they are well prepared for the Board exam.




1.Promotion of Std IX students will strictly depend upon the academic performance during the unit tests, terminal and final examination.

2.Absence from or any form of malpractice in examination will disqualify a pupil for any award whatsoever.

3.Good conduct and regular attendance are indispensable conditions for obtaining any award.

4. Any irregularity detected during any examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination room. In all such cases, the student will be given a zero and debarred from appearing for the remaining papers.

5. The final decision that will be taken by the School authorities will be binding on the student.

6. The results of the examination are final and cannot be re-considered under any circumstances.

7. Prizes are awarded on the results of the final examination. (Year's work and annual examination).

8. The Principal considers carefully each individual case for promotion or detention in Std IX in consultation with the teachers. Parents will please note that results once declared are, under no circumstances, subject to reconsideration. Any attempt to bring pressure to bear upon the Principal or the Teachers in this matter will be considered as improper and makes the pupil liable to be advised to leave the school.

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