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1) Live Jam was invited to the school to spread the message of faith, hope and love to create awareness amongst youngsters, for educating them about leading a more meaningful life. The activity session dealt with the most important aspect of examining each ones purpose of existence. i.e. 'MAKE SPACE FOR THE RIGHT THINGS IN LIFE'

2) Meditation workshop for teachers and students are conducted in our school premises.

3) Inter House Elocution and Patriotic Song Competition was also conducted in the school on  3rd Augsut 2010 and 15th August 2010 respectively.

4)Students of Std VI to VIII participated in the Igenius Scholarship programme on 5th August 2010. Results of the same will be be declared later.

5) Hindi Day was celebrated on 14th September 2010.

6) 'Pugmarks' an organisation working in the field of Nature Conservation and Outdoors Environment Education organised a workshop in school on 17th August 2010 to celebrate Jim Corbett's birth anniversary. A Quiz Competition was held on wildlife and Jim Corbett.

7) Kellogs gave a talk to the students of V and VI on the importance of breakfast on 5th August 2010.

8) A workshop on Mother - Daughter Health and Hygiene was conducted by Procter & Gamble.

9) A financial education workshop was conducted by ICICI bank together with IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd for students from V to VIII. The programmed aims to answer basic questions that children have in connection with finance.


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